I’ve been thinking about buying my little girl with her own drum set, seeing that she loves to hit things all the time. But I’m still wondering whether I am going to invest in a professional drum set or just let her start with something fun to play with. I found the WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set that is designed for kids.

Here’s what to expect from this little drum set:

  • Comes with its own Lights, Drum Beats, Dance Music, Melodies, Songs
  • Two drumsticks are included in the set
  • Sturdy quality and durable make
  • Drum height is at 24 inches, while the height of the stool is 8 inches
  • Its melodies, songs and other features that require power must take its power from the 3 AA batteries. It is not included in the package.

From what I’ve experienced in watching my daughter play this little drum set, they really enjoy it. This is because the whole drum set is very colorful! My little angel loves a lot of colors, which is the reason why she’s attracted to them. What really surprised me is how she takes really good care of the drum set and how she wants to play it every time she is free. Another amazing thing about this drum set is its durability. Many drum sets created for children are not as durable as this one. My daughter once dragged the whole set by accident, and it still remained intact. I was already expecting it to get some damage because it is a toy drum set designed for kids, but that durability was beyond expectations.

Another surprising thing about this drum set is how my little daughter can freely drum on the set without the musical accompaniment. Most of the drum toys I’ve seen will only make sounds when there is sound accompaniment with it. However, even without the melodies, sounds and the like, my daughter can still hear the sound as she beats the drum with her stick. A good recommendation for anyone that wants to play it solo without the sounds.

I don’t have anything to say about this product, though. It is exactly like the manufacturer has stated it to be. I’ve read some negatives about this toy drum set, but their expectations are way too high for a toy drum. If they want to have a drum set that aims at teaching their kid almost like the same that professionals use, then it is best that they go for the basic drum set designed for children, but with a flair of professionalism to it. They shouldn’t complain about what a toy drum set cannot do.

So this is my advice for whoever reads my review – if you want to buy a drum set for children simply just for fun and at the same time encouraging them to learn more about drums, this drum set is a good go. It may look like a toy, but at least it will be your basis whether or not you are going to invest in a professional drum set when your kid gets older and want to learn more about playing drums.

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