DirectlyCheap 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set is one of the best options as presents for your kids. It is a package of accessories perfect for children around three to five years of age. The product comes with three actual drums, a bass drum, a snare, cymbals, as well as a tom-tom among others.

The package has everything your kid needs to become a future musician minus the need to buy him or her typically larger drum sets. DirectlyCheap 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set is extremely cheap, making it a must-buy for most parents.

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What Comes in the Box

DirectlyCheap 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set may be intended for smaller and younger children, but it does not fall short in accessories. It is available with three actual drums, a 12-inch bass drum, an 8-inch brass ride cymbal, an 8-inch snare, and an 8-inch tom-tom. Moreover, it has an adjustable drum stool, a bass drum kick pedal, a tuning key, and drum sticks.

Product Features & Technical Details

The minor 12 Inch drumset from DirectlyCheap(TM) is an excellent alternative to the more pricy drumset for children. With a price tag around $125 these drums surely has value for money.

DirectlyCheap 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set is a 22-pound drum set, which has a dimension of 18 inches by 14.8 inches by 14 inches. The materials of the silver drum set are at par with the quality of parts found in a more expensive adult drum sets. To provide you more ideas of how ideal the product is, here are its exceptional features:

  1. All-Around Drum Set. The product may be intended for kids, but it has everything your child needs as he or she grows up. It is a popular choice as it is structured with materials for learning how to play drums. Moreover, DirectlyCheap 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set is designed to enrich the beginner’s knowledge of your kids to make them even more serious about drumming.
  2. Adult Drum Set Equivalent. As claimed, DirectlyCheap 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set is available with real drum specifications, which are equivalent to an adult set. One of the specifications that prove this is the fully tunable heads of the set, both the top and bottom. Through this capability, your kid would always get the sound he or she wants.
  3. High Quality Materials. Since the features of the drum set are similar to that of expensive adult packages, you could ensure that its materials are also superior, durable, and usable for a longer time. It is built to last given it has a sturdy construction that could resist your kids’ typically grueling start.
  4. Great Sound. DirectlyCheap 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set has always been praised for the good sound it produces. Despite being affordable, it has a decent sound, which may be accommodating as your child gets committed to playing drums and recording.
  5. Affordable Buy. The drum set is among the least expensive drum sets you could find for kids. Even if you have a limited budget, you could still support your child’s dream.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

DirectlyCheap 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set is a generally praised product. According to its existing owners, the package looks similar to a professional adult set. Many have commended the fact it does not require a lot of room ,and it is easier to assemble.

Since it has a professional aesthetics, many kids have loved the product. DirectlyCheap 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set matched its nice physical attributes with its performance quality. Parents claimed that their children find it easier to learn their drumming lessons at a shorter time using the set.

Pros of the Product

  1. Professional-looking
  2. Built to last
  3. Quality sound
  4. Easy to assemble
  5. Affordable

Cons of the Product

  1. Need to request for replacement parts.

Who Should Buy This Product

DirectlyCheap 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set is a must-buy for people who would like to give their kids a gift that is not limited to fun alone, but learning as well. Since the drum set matches a real, adult drum package, children would certainly appreciate their talent development more.

Moreover, teachers of drum playing may also find the product useful in case of catering to very small children. It is very easy to assemble, use, and maintain all at the same time.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Given its positive and great feedback, DirectlyCheap 3-Piece Kids Junior Drum Set  is a must-have. You could consider the product among your principal choices if you want to support your aspiring child. The product would also give you a better chance of replacing useless toys with a kit that could shape your kid’s future.

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